Rest in Peace

The Wildcats rode a winning streak that spanned the course of three years. THREE YEARS. Three different teams under Calapari were splotless at Rupp. Unfortunately, the streak had to come to an end sometime, and as we all know, December 1st was etched in the tombestone… The last time Kentucky lost at home, which I’m sure everyone has pushed this memory deep into the crevices of their mind, was in 2009, when “he who shall not be named” lost to Georgia on senior night. There were other demoralizing losses at home that year, but we won’t dissect that despicable season… After that came the dawn of a new era, and it’s here that the story book opens and the streak began. This streak reached legendary status. Possibly even more legendary than the Undertaker’s 25-0 streak at Wrestlemania. Yes, I just compared the Kentucky home winning streak to the Undertaker. It’s that big. Anyway, in the span of those three years, there were many memorable games. Here are three that stuck out in my mind.

1. Remember when we used to pull our fists up next to our head and rotate it side to side? Thats right, we used to do the John Wall, and the game where he first strapped on his cape and became a Lexington superstar was early in the 2010 season. It was a home game against Miami of Ohio, where the score was tied 70-70 and the Cats had possession with a handful of ticks on the clock. Wall raced down the court, draining a 15 foot jumper, avoiding an almost certain overtime, and pulling off a remarkable win. This was a dramatic start to a wonderful Kentucky home winning streak.
John Wall.

2. There was a time when the Cats were on the cusp of being the first team in college basketball to snag 2000 wins. John Wall, and the rest of
Calapri’s first Kentucky club, accomplished this task with ease against the Drexel Dragons. Although they didn’t really have anything to do with most of those 2,000 wins, those Cats took it upon themselves to drag the program across the line and beat North Carolina, who was inching their way toward the mark right behind Kentucky. Although it was a blowout, reaching 2,000 wins is a pretty big deal.

3. This game could possibly be remembered as one of the best games the national championship team played last year. The Kentucky/North Carolina game (that used to be played in early December) proved to be one of the best match ups in college basketball last season. Freshman sensation and block extraordinaire, Anthony Davis, as well as M.K.G, Lamb, and Miller, were poised and ready for this bout against a stingy North Carolina team that would later progress to the elite eight. The streak could have easily ended on this day, but Davis saw things differently, blocking a game winning shot fired from John Henson, sealing up a memorable Wildcats home win.


Now I think it’s only appropriate if we imagine the Undertaker giving this streak a choke slam and burying it once
and for all. May it rest in peace.